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Molinaro calls on Gov. Cuomo to release tax returns

Marc Molinaro released his taxes for inspection and renewed his call for Governor Cuomo to back up his claim that he is a property taxpayer in New York State.

“Andrew Cuomo claims to pay property taxes in New York, but his tax returns say otherwise – New Yorkers deserve to know the truth,” said Molinaro.

On April 17th Governor Cuomo said, “I come here, not just as your governor, but as your neighbor, a resident of Westchester County, who pays Westchester County property taxes and all the other taxes that are on that long property tax list you get,” he said. “I call and complain about how high property taxes are. So I feel it. I get it.”

According to multiple news reports, Cuomo’s New Castle home is actually owned by his partner Sandra Lee and she paid the $37,299 in property taxes owed on the property.

As reported in LOHUD, Cuomo spokesman Don Kaplan said that the governor splits housing costs with Lee which would means Cuomo paid $18,649 of Lee’s property taxes in 2017. Yet according to a review of the Governor’s taxes by Politico, Cuomo did not deduct his property-tax payment on his 2017 federal tax returns.

Concluded Molinaro, “The Governor says he ‘feels’ the pain of the high property taxes that are crushing New Yorkers, prove it. It’s time New Yorkers had a Governor who knows how difficult it is to live in New York.”