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Skaneateles school district holds budget hearing

Just one person had questions following the public budget presentation at a Skaneateles Central School District Board of Education meeting Tuesday night.

Fran McCormack asked about different line items in the budget.

McCormack said after the meeting she felt she isn’t seeing enough fund increases related to instruction.

District Superintendent Ken Slentz, business administrator Christine DeMass and others presented the budget Tuesday. The board agreed upon a 3.75-percent tax levy at an April 10 meeting. The overall budget is $34,009,732, a 4.78-percent hike. The district’s tax cap given by the state this year is 4.44 percent.

The district’s major cost drivers included rises in employee salaries and benefits, debt service from previous project financing, special education costs and professional learning for staff and faculty to address student behavior changes and learning assessment standards and assessment changes.

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