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How to protect you and your family from ticks and Lyme disease

As spring sets in, it’s time to head outdoors and enjoy the dearly missed sun.

But it’s also time to take precautions against Lyme disease.

While the data on Lyme disease cases in Broome County for 2017 has not yet been released, the 300 cases in 2016 were the most diagnosed in the county.

“It just gives you an idea that it looks like we probably are set to probably have another high increase again,” said Broome County Communicable Disease Nurse Mari Yourdon during a press conference at the Broome County Health Department on Tuesday morning.

But there was minimal reporting of other tick-bourne diseases in Broome County, Yourdon said. Lyme and Anaplasmosis are the main tick-borne diseases to watch out for.

“It is likely that we will begin to see an increase in some of the other diseases,” Yourden said.
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