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Hobart student embraces the snowboarding journey

You see them in the starting gates. High on top of the slopes, overlooking mountains that are as treacherous to navigate as they are visually stunning. As they hold on tight to their instruments of speed, skiers and snowboarders alike, what they see is a paradoxical world that is all their own.

One that is both predictable and untamed all the same. They have practiced and trained for these moments for years. The mountain itself has been groomed and manicured, and its weather forecasted.

Still, every race on these instruments of speed faces the same unpredictable merger between human ambition, earth, and mother nature, that every generation of outdoor sportsmen and sportswomen have undertaken.

It is much more than thrill seeking. It is a journey of self-discovery and improvement, and shared experiences that for this elite group of snowboarders and skiers is all their own.

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