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Woman injured in grease fire at Auburn home

An Auburn woman suffered serious burns to her left arm Friday in a grease fire at her home.

At around 11:53 a.m., the Auburn Fire Department responded to a home at 21 Court St. Upon arrival, Assistant Chief Mike Grady said firefighters found the flames contained to the kitchen, and the fire was quickly controlled.

Grady said Lynette Jones had been cooking chicken fries when some grease boiled over and caught fire. He said her left arm and side were significantly burned and she was transported to the hospital for treatment.

According to bystanders at the scene, two women were leaving the YMCA when they saw Jones run screaming from her home. The women said they stayed with Jones and her two dogs while waiting for firefighters to arrive.

Grady said Jones was the only one injured in the fire, and both dogs were safe. Although there had been heavy smoke, he said there was minimal damage to the residence.

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