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Scipio Center farm, landowner settle lawsuit

A land dispute between the Elizabeth Lacey Trust and a Scipio Center farm has been settled after approximately five years of litigation.

The trust, which owns land in the towns of Venice and Scipio, leased a parcel to Sharon VanNostrand and Vans Ridge Dairy, a concentrated animal feeding operation. The Lacey Trust decided to sell about 260 acres through a closed bidding process, said Trustee Brian Lacey. About 125 of those acres the dairy farm had rented, using it to plant and harvest corn.

Venice View Dairy farm, however, was the successful bidder, according to a release from the trust. In 2012, VanNostrand attempted to halt the sale claiming the farm had a long-term lease, according to the release. She filed a lawsuit and sought $1 million in damages.

The Citizen:
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