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TRAVEL ADVISORY: Yates Sheriff says drifting snow is causing difficult conditions

Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike has issued a Travel Advisory for Yates County roadways with special alert for north and south State, County and Town roadways due to drifting snow.

Spike says the drifting is causing wet roads to suddenly turn into snow covered and slush causing hazardous driving conditions.

Deputies and Troopers currently investigating several different crash scenes with vehicles sliding off the roads, causing property damage, including one with injuries and another car pedestrian on Rte. 54 East.

Highways crews and snowplows are working; however, the wind is sustained out of the West causing blowing and drifting snow into the roadways reducing some to one lane.

This travel advisory does not restrict travel. It is, however, a warning to motorists that hazardous driving conditions may exist in intermittent areas and to reduce speeds being aware of road conditions.

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