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Fee frustrations could cause Prison City Ramblers to cancel Emerson Park car show

Fee increases at Emerson Park are causing a popular car show to reconsider its venue.

The Prison City Ramblers, which have held a Father's Day car show for the last 26 years, are balking over a $250 price increase for renting out Deauville Island. The Cayuga County Legislature upped many of the Owasco Lake park's various rental fees in 2016, but the car show's contract for last year had been grandfathered into the old $500 fee, said Superintendent of Parks and Trails Gary Duckett.

For the first time, the car enthusiasts have been asked to shell out the $750 to now rent the island.

David Ward, a member of the Prison City Ramblers, said the club's officers are seriously considering canceling the annual event or relocating if an adequate new space can be found. The group claims an exception should be made for its event considering it makes no profit and donates proceeds to local charities in the county.

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