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Auburn school district talks possible fund savings in light of $4 million deficit, Cayuga Centers

The Auburn Enlarged City School District discussed a possible way to save the jobs of school district employees who work at Cayuga Centers.

Superintendent Jeff Pirozzolo discussed a possible plan at a budget workshop Tuesday night. Any decisions would have to be made at an official board meeting.

Cayuga Centers announced on Feb. 22 that it will be ending its residential treatment program. Pirozzolo said his current plan is to make the 19 district employees who work at Cayuga Centers into long-term substitutes until the end of the school year, which would mean that current long-term substitute employees would lose their jobs instead. He said there would be no salary differences for the Cayuga Center employees. Having the Cayuga Centers staff come into the substitute positions would mean that those with seniority wouldn’t be taking the positions of other staff during this school year, which was a possibility discussed at a board meeting on Feb. 27.

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