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OFFICIALS: Threat at Waterloo High School deemed ‘non-credible’

Officials with the Waterloo Central School District say ‘rumors’ of possible threats to schools, faculty and students have found ‘non-credible’.

A recorded phone message from Waterloo High School Principal Thomas Mitchell outlined the district’s response to the matter.

Mitchell said in the recorded message that all threats are taken seriously, and that part of the response to these types of incidents involves assessing them individually. “Part of the threat protocol involves determining the credibility,” Mitchell said in the recording.

He also stated that when the school became aware of the threat – law enforcement became involved.

“Whenever threats are made we take the statement seriously, investigate and assess the nature of the threat in conjunction with local law enforcement, and then follow-up accordingly with consequences and/or support,” Mitchell concluded in the message to Waterloo residents.

Details of the incident and investigation were not released.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.