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Families in Naples remain without power after snowstorm

Some families in Naples said they have been living without power for the past three days after last week’s snowstorm hit.

The lack of power is forcing some out of their homes, others are sticking it out.

“I know when the limb fell the power flickered,” said Randy Emond. His family is one of many living in the dark.

“I’ve tried to get a hold of NYSEG but, no response,” he said. He said his frustration is mounting as he tries to get answers.

“The communication is it’ll be on this time and then at this time,” he added. Emond said he has not been able to get a definite answer on when the power come back on.

He said it’s challenging to take care of his children, especially his 8-year-old daughter who is battling leukemia.

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