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Auburn to double size of Court Street parking lot, improve drainage

More details were released Thursday about the city of Auburn's plan to expand the Court Street parking lot to make up for some of the parking spots lost after the Lincoln Street lot closed early this month as construction begins on the Equal Rights Cultural Heritage Center.

The current parking lot will double in size after the project is complete, city engineer Ken Tanner said during a presentation to the Auburn City Council. The expanded lot will have 42 parking spaces and work will be done to improve stormwater management, traffic circulation and pedestrian access, Tanner said.

Court Street residents came to the city council in September with concerns about increased stormwater runoff as a result of expanding the parking lot. As a response to those concerns, Tanner proposed installing additional drains, including two catch basins and a trench drain, and a dry well to catch stormwater runoff. The catch basins and dry well will potentially be connected to a storm sewer Cayuga County is considering installing in the county office building's parking lot. The trench drain will be located between the parking lot and neighboring properties to intercept water before it enters the adjoining property.

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