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Ontario Post Office refuses to deliver packages to some customers

Some residents in the Wayne County town of Ontario have to pick up their own packages- because the post office is done delivering them.

The change is a result of a handful of accidents involving postal trucks, and appears to come down to the length of driveways there. If the Postal Service doesn't feel comfortable driving down a driveway to drop off a package, the residents of that home will be asked to drive to the post office and pick it up themselves.

It affects people like the Wall family, who have four kids. They use Amazon Prime a lot.

"We'll purchase stuff for ourselves, for the kids, electronics, toys, sometimes we try pantry stuff and get food," says Patrick Wall, "Really, it's just a convenient way to get stuff."

Last week, however, they were told that the postal carrier will no longer be delivering packages because the driveway is too long.

"We have a turnaround in our driveway, it's not the biggest but it exists and we had never heard of such a thing. We just wanted to understand what was going on," he says.

The postmaster told them the decision was made at his discretion. Patrick Wall takes issue with that.

"If there are rules, 200 feet [or] 300 feet, that makes sense and everybody's going to do it the same way but right now your subject to really their feeling?"

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