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Despite flooding, state park in Cayuga County draws more visitors in 2017

Lake Ontario flooding didn't affect visitation at the largest New York state park in Cayuga County.

Fair Haven Beach State Park drew 262,202 visitors in 2017, up from 260,291 two years ago. Attendance bounced back slightly after a sizable decline from 2015 to 2016 that was blamed on drinking water system repairs.

Despite flooding along the lake, the park remained open. There was damage to the park due to the high water levels. The Federal Emergency Management Agency approved a disaster aid request for Cayuga County, which includes the state park.

Other parks in Cayuga County saw attendance decline in 2017. Fillmore Glen State Park reported 90,789 visitors last year, down from 96,226 in 2016. There were 33,795 visitors at Long Point State Park, down from 40,432 in 2016.

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