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Auburn basketball player reinstated to team following school board discussion

An Auburn High School student who had been kicked off the Auburn boys basketball team after being accused of vaping in school has been reinstated, along with another unnamed athlete who had been removed from a different team earlier this year.

Al Brown said the school district superintendent informed him Wednesday that his stepson, senior Majesty Wilder, will be able to resume practicing Wednesday and playing in his team's remaining games. A sectional home playoff game is scheduled for Friday night.

Brown had complained to the district that his stepson's removal from the team following an incident Feb. 6 was unfair punishment. He had argued that Wilder denied he had been vaping when a teacher discovered a vapor cloud in a bathroom last week. Wilder and two other students were inside the bathroom at the time.

Brown also questioned the handling of other cases in which athletes may have violated the district's conduct code but did not receive the same punishment.

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