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Sennett roofing company receives loan to hire more employees

A Sennett commercial roofing company recently received a $250,000 loan from Key Bank that will help expand the business and add jobs.

Weather Tight Solutions, located at 7235 Mutton Hill Road, is a family-owned commercial roofing business. Fred Zimmer started the company in 2003.

Jessica Zimmer, the vice president and Fred's daughter, said the company plans to use the money to supplement its regular cash flow since it generally takes contractors about 60 days to pay for work the company does.

"It covers any shortfalls due to that and keeps our employees happy and paid," Jessica Zimmer said. "It helps us take on more jobs and therefore more employees."

The company plans to hire about five new employees to supplement the 15 that already work there. She said their services have been in demand, even in the winter months. Zimmer said the company is looking to hire a roofing mechanic who has commercial roofing experience and a construction foreman, among other employees.

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