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DOCCS: Cayuga Correctional Facility reforms solitary confinement, tests tablet initiative

The Department of Corrections and Community Supervision has announced its new and ongoing initiatives for 2018, and many of them actually take root in Cayuga County.

In a budget hearing Tuesday, DOCCS' Acting Commissioner Anthony Annucci discussed the department's plans for the 2018-19 fiscal year, and on Friday, DOCCS released more information about some of the initiatives.

First, the department said it would continue to reform solitary confinement by closing Special Housing Units at three correctional facilities: Cayuga, Upstate and Southport. DOCCS has been consolidating or converting SHU units since August 2016.

"Upon completion of these consolidations, and throughout the implementation of this historic agreement, New York will have removed more than 1,200 SHU beds," Annucci said in a press release; 3,751 beds will remain.

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