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STAR tax savings could be curbed under Cuomo

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to freeze the growth in the STAR rebates that homeowners receive on their school taxes as a cost-cutting move in the state budget.

STAR rebates were expected to grow at 2 percent a year, but Cuomo wants to end the increase, saying New Yorkers are already getting property-tax relief through a separate rebate check program.

Also, he argued, the growth in property taxes has slowed with the installation of a tax cap in 2011.

“The typical taxpayer has saved more than $2,100 under the property tax cap and, in addition, the average taxpayer will save $380 from the property tax credit program this year," said Morris Peters, a spokesman for the state Budget Division.

"These programs are having a much greater impact by controlling underlying property tax growth and targeting tax cuts to where they have the greatest impact.”
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