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Frozen pipes cause manure overflow in Venice; officials say no impact on drinking water

A manure overflow in the town of Venice impacted Salmon Creek earlier this month, but it was not seen in Cayuga Lake, nor did it affect residents’ water supplies, according to state and local officials.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation said it was notified of a manure spill at 7:20 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 10, at Indian Field Road due to a mechanical failure in farm equipment.

David Galton, owner of Ridgecrest Dairy, said due to the cold weather that day, manure that was supposed to travel to a backup storage container overflowed when a pipe froze. The farm has since installed a preventative measure to contain the manure if it should freeze again, he added in a phone interview Monday.

Ridgecrest Dairy is a concentrated animal feeding operation. In New York that typically means a dairy farm with 300 or more cows.

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