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Influenced by New York’s minimum wage law, Skaneateles Mark’s Pizzeria becomes Mike’s

Mike Harvard started with Mark’s Pizzeria in Skaneateles as a delivery driver in 1999, and now his name adorns the sign of his pizza business.

The Mark’s location in Skaneateles quietly opened as Mike’s Pizzeria late last month, with a new logo to match. Harvard, who had co-owned that Mark’s location with Jamie Schneider since 2003, said they made a mutual agreement with Mark’s Pizzeria Inc. to re-open as a separate business in that same location, a decision influenced by the state’s fast food minimum wage law.

Harvard said this decision was a part of conversations between the duo and the company for the last couple years on how to address the state’s rising minimum wage requirements for fast food establishments, which, according to the state Department of Labor, is a business in a chain of 30 or more locations. Pay requirements for fast food workers were first enacted by the state at the end of 2015, with separate pay increases for New York City and the rest of the state.

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