Ontario Co. DA Tantillo talks career, prosecution, future on Inside the FLX (podcast)

It’s been 38 years prosecuting for District Attorney Michael Tantillo.

He has served as District Attorney for 28 of those 38 years.

“It’s not an easy job. I’ve continued handling trial prosecution on felony cases, but have developed an incredibly talented team that has made our office run incredibly well,” Tantillo explained. “While this is my last year as DA, I’m confident that the office will continue doing great work for Ontario County.”

The role of head prosecutor will be up for election this fall, but in the contested race, D.A. Tantillo added that continuing the great relationship between the law enforcement agencies in Ontario County has to be a priority.

He added that among other things, ‘fresh ideas’ and a fresh perspective will be great for those living in Ontario County, as well as his office. “I love this job. I believe it’s the best job in the world, but I think it’s time for someone else to take a stab at this role.”

As one could imagine, things have changed dramatically in 38 years. The rise in technology, the way that has impacted prosecution and law enforcement, as well as the challenges associated with drugs moving throughout the region.

He attributes Ontario County’s success in prosecuting cases across the board to the support he receives from the Sheriff’s Office, Board of Supervisors, as well as his team of experienced prosecutors.

For Tantillo, the act of prosecuting any case — big or small — is all about teamwork.

“There was a time when offices like ours used part-time prosecutors,” he explained. In decades past, part-time prosecutors were enough — but with the rise in crime and prosecution — multiple full-time prosecutors have become a necessity.

“We try upwards of 2,000 cases per year,” Tantillo added. “On top of that, we try several hundred — in the realm of 600 to 700 felony cases per year, as well.”

While he plans to retire from prosecution at the end of the year, Tantillo says he will remain active in the community he’s called home for more than 30 years.

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