SMI employees take pledge to combat texting and driving

Food, cell phones, pets and kids arguing in the back seat are all everyday distractions we face while driving. If you’re like me, you pledge to cut down on the avoidable distractions, then find yourself sneaking a peak at your cell phone when a call comes in that seems too important to ignore.

So, how can we stay steadfast?

Our team watched a video this week on distracted driving. IT was powerful. It didn’t spout statistics or belabor bad habits. It simply showed an everyday dad doing everyday things that resulted in a horrible tragedy.

Watch a collection of the videos here.

One members of our team was so moved by the video, she made a commitment to silence her cell phones whenever she gets behind the wheel. If you have a strategy that works for you to avoid distracted driving, our team would liek to hear it.

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Kyle Black is the District Manager at Seneca Meadows. His ‘Safety Spotlight’ will be featured on each month.