Inside the FLX: Dr. Chris Ryan and Jenn Salone of Ryan Chiropractic & Wellness

“It’s all about reducing stress.”

Those are words that Dr. Chris Ryan, founder of Ryan Chiropractic & Wellness at The Learning Tree preaches. “It’s about whole-body wellness,” he often continues.

Chris and his brother, Dr. Paul Ryan, began working as chiropractors nearly 30 years ago at Dr. Kenneth W. Padgett’s practice, which was located on State Route 414. While the location was a good home for a number of years, the team decided that it was time for an expansion.

The expansion was spurred by a number of factors; Dr. Jennifer Stanton, another chiropractor – had joined them at their office, their list of clients continued growing, and Chris began looking at other areas of treatment beyond traditional chiropractic care.

“I can move a [patient] but it’s about so much more than that,” he explained before the cameras started rolling. “Our goal is to make people feel better and break the cycle,” Ryan continued.

Their new location, aptly called the ‘Wellness Center’ dives into much more than just chiropractic care. Massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, nutrition, exercise, and even classes on stress management are available at the center.

Jenn Salone, a yoga instructor at the center talked about the value provided in the services at Ryan Chiropractic & Wellness. “It’s a team and it wouldn’t be possible without all of the individual parts making this possible,” she explained.

“It’s a family, and we treat our patients like family,” Ryan chimed. He also attributes the center’s supreme organization to Salone’s dedication to keeping things in order. “I’m creative, sometimes I drift off – but she always brings me right back,” Ryan explained.

The pair described the response to the new center as ‘overwhelming’ for all parties involved. Ryan said, “I have to thank Mr. Bruce Bonafiglia. Originally we had looked at a location on Fall Street,” which was the former-Fall Street Pharmacy.

At the time, he was teaching yoga and meditation classes at his home in Cayuga — while maintaining his practice on Route 414. The challenge in managing the two would be made infinitely easier by bringing them together at one location.

When Ryan approached him about that Fall Street location, Bonafiglia said he wanted to show him another location. The eventual location of the new wellness center. It has previously housed the child care center, which is connected to the back portion of the BonaDent Dental Laboratories location.

The location itself was a dream come true, with about twice as much square footage as their Route 414 home, but even better was the prospect of updating and renovating the new location, which was proposed by Bonafiglia himself.

The work was completed and the team moved into the new location in 2015. It’s a space that affords them the opportunity to house all of the things going on at the center. Whether it’s yoga classes, patient treatment, or consultation — the facility brings the capability — and a vibe that matches the personalities involved.

Prospective clients won’t feel like they’re walking into a sterile doctor’s office. Both talked about the importance of the atmosphere and welcoming nature of the new wellness center.

“It just comes down to taking some time for self,” Ryan said when asked about what the biggest challenge is when it comes to getting people healthier. “Spend the time to help yourself, and we can help you get even better,” he concluded.

“Turn everything off for a few minutes every day,” Salone explained. She said it’s the biggest piece of advice she hands out to clients. “Even if it’s just for five minutes — take some time to tune out.”

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