Inside the FLX: Victor Supervisor Jack Marren talks economics, 54th District, much more

Victor has come a very long way from what it was a couple decades ago.

On Thursday’s edition of Inside the FLX, Victor Town Supervisor and Chairman of the Ontario County Board of Supervisors Jack Marren joined Josh Durso to discuss the evolution of the place he calls home and has proudly served for years.

His love for politics started with his love for sports. When his children (now adults) were in school, he began working with them on various teams. As he made more connections in Victor, it eventually led to Marren being considered for the Victor Village Board. While his first bid for council ended in defeat at a caucus – it didn’t curb his interest in local politics.

After that Marren worked hard to connect with more voters, worked harder than ever to understand the things he was seeing in the community, and once elected – never stopped doing either of those things. Marren attributes his relatively quick rise in the political space to his ability to quickly learn from those around him, or those who are more experienced.

He explained that it was a major reason for his appointment to the chairmanship of a variety of boards in Ontario County.

As the Chairman of the Ontario County Board of Supervisors Marren said he hopes to see legislators from around the area to continue fighting hard to stop the heroin epidemic in it’s tracks. He spoke to a variety of local experiences that he recalled, which highlight the precise reasons why he feels so strongly about the issue. “Every community is feeling this problem,” he explained.

Marren talked extensively about economics in the region. He said that seeing the growth in the service industry in Victor was a major indicator of how that community has managed stunning growth regionally. In 2010, Marren said that Victor had seen an increase of population that exceeded 40 percent. Ontario County as a whole continues to see impressive growth – and remains one of the few counties in the Finger Lakes that is gaining population by the year.

He also attributed Ontario County’s growth to the wineries and breweries around Seneca Lake. Marren pointed out that as these industries continue to grow, the region as a whole should continue to grow.

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