Tile Ad Specification Sheet

Our tile ad program is a unique, low-cost way to target your prospective customers by placing your ad on one of our pages that is most visited by the type of user who would be interested in your products or services. Our tile ads are 246x120 pixels in size, full color and are not rotated like our Banner Ads.
This tile ad appears on our Antiques & Collectible section of our Local Website Directory. Find the page or section on that best suites your business profile or call us at 315-712-0104 and we can help you decide where your ad will be most successful.
1 month
* Includes free tile ad design & set-up
Tile Ad Promo Features:
- Full Color & Animated
- Our Tile Ads appear near the top right of any interior page you choose
- Exposure to targeted web traffic means more bang for your advertising dollar
- Weekly e-mail traffic report on your banner stats
- One Click link to your website or display page
- If you don't have a website we can create your own display page for free
Call us at 315-712-0104 or e-mail us at: