Slainté - Search Engine Placement

Basic Service
Fee: $250.00

· Submit your site to the top search providers.
· Submit your site to the top search directories.
· Processing takes up to 5 weeks. At the end of this period, I will provide a report with your rankings.
· Resubmit where the rankings are not satisfactory.
· After 8 more weeks, generate a final report.

There is no guaranteed ranking. We guarantee that you WILL be listed in the search engines, but not at what level. Generally, with fairly specific search phrases, an average business site will achieve a 1st page ranking. Manual directory submission is reliant on the directory editors for review. They may choose not to list a particular site. We don't see this as being a situation that your organization shall have to worry about however. The site will remain in the search engine indefinitely. The site ranking shall fluctuate over time based on many factors.

Pay Per Click Service
Fee: $450 + monthly pay-per-click fees paid directly to the search companies

· Includes all features of BASIC SERVICE
· Research of prices for up to 10 PPC keyword phrases
· Setup of PPC keyword phrases chosen
· Training for you on how to manage the PPC service

Ranking is guaranteed. We will submit your site to the search engines as in the Basic Service and will set you up with a PPC provider and help you to set a budget. Finally, I will provide training for you to allow you to manage the PPC service yourself.

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