Custom Site Administration Module

We enable our customers to update their own websites through our unique custom site administration modules. If you are able to use a program like Microsoft Word and a Web Browser than you will be able to easily update your own site from your home or office. This allows you to get your site updated with current information without having to wait or pay for someone to do it for you. Everyone knows a website is only as a good as the quality of it's content. Now you can change your own content monthly, weekly, even daily or hourly! It's your site, you should be in control.
Example of the Administration Section we built for Crosswinds Lo-Carb Outfitters:
Site Administration Module Features:
- Choose the font, size, color and formatting of the text on your website
- Make your edits and hit 'Submit'. Your changes appear immediately on your pages.
- Change content as often as you would like.
- Upload new pictures and graphics with a click on the mouse.
- Create links to other websites on your site
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