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Cosby gets sellout support at Florida show
USA Today - 2014-11-24 9:00 AM
Cosby's appearance in Florida drew fans and media, but few protesters.more...

Nerds talk best and worst of 'Mockingjay'
USA Today - 2014-11-24 9:00 AM
How does the 'Hunger Games' film hold up?more...

Weekend picks for book lovers
USA Today - 2014-11-24 9:00 AM
Richard Zoglin calls Bob Hope the 'Entertainer of the Century.'more...

Recap: Inside Cosby's Friday night routine
USA Today - 2014-11-24 9:00 AM
He didn't cancel his show tonight in Melbourne, Fl. Follow us here for live updates.more...

Web to Watch: 5 Best videos of the week
USA Today - 2014-11-24 9:00 AM
Take a break from whatever you're doing and watch the five best videos of the week.more...

Queen Latifah's talk show is a goner
USA Today - 2014-11-24 9:00 AM
Original episodes will congtinue airing through Marchmore...

First look: 'Penn Zero' premieres with holiday special
USA Today - 2014-11-24 9:00 AM
The third 'Hunger Games' installment looks deeper at revolution.more...

Review: 'Mockingjay' is best 'Games' yet
USA Today - 2014-11-24 9:00 AM
USA TODAY's Robert Bianco previews this weekend's television lineup with 'Cats' on PBS, the 'American Music Awards' and 'The Simpsons.'more...

Meet the new 'Mockingjay' rebels
USA Today - 2014-11-24 9:00 AM
What's worth watching, and what might not be, in prime time.more...

Josh Gad on the legacies of Cosby, Nichols
USA Today - 2014-11-24 9:00 AM
People line up for Bill Cosby's soldout show at the King Center in Melbourne, Fla., on Friday, Nov. 21, 2014. Video by Craig Rubadoux.more...

Screening Room: 'Birdman'
USA Today - 2014-11-24 9:00 AM
Some rules are made to be ignored, the 'Hunger Games' star says.more...

Should comedians be making Cosby jokes?
USA Today - 2014-11-24 9:00 AM
The violent lyrics come a week after his threat against Lana Del Rey.more...

Spacey, Streep, Hanks mourn Mike Nichols
USA Today - 2014-11-24 9:00 AM
Seth Meyers has the answer to the comedy conundrum.more...

5 biggest changes from 'Mockingjay' book to movie
USA Today - 2014-11-24 9:00 AM
As 5 more accusers come forward, Cosby camp calls it a feeding frenzy.more...

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