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HWS Students In New Orleans
Greg Cotterill reporting for
Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Last week 14 students from Hobart and William Smith Colleges traveled to
St. Bernard's Parish near New Orleans to help with the clean up effort
follow Hurricane Katrina. The students were expecting to help rebuild,
and were surprised to find out how much clean up has yet to be done.
William Smith Senior Vanessa Gorsuch of the Bronx, NY made the trip and
took over 200 photos and recorded several hours of interviews for a
radio documentary. Here a ship landed in a front lawn. Water at one time
was up to the roof line of the house. A HWS student wear full-body
safety gear while cleaning one of the two houses the group worked on. Some of the students are going to be on the radio with Mike Rusinko Wednesday on the Finger Lakes Morning News at 8:30 am. Photos by Vanessa Gorsuch.

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