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FingerLakes Records New Jingle in Ithaca Exclusive
Janiary 15, 2005 @ 7:44 AM

On Thursday evening, General Manager Jim Sinicropi and Head Technician Jessamy Uticone headed down to Pyramid Studios in Ithaca, NY to record a new theme/jingle for

The 60 second jingle (also a 30 second version) will air regularly on the 8 stations of the Finger Lakes Radio Group begining Monday morning.

The jingle was produced by Pyramid Studio's owner Alex Perialas. Alex has produced some of the most popular metal albums from many national recording artists including Anthrax, S.O.D., and Slayer.

Performing on the recording was Michael Parker who played drums, bass guitar, rhythm guitar and lead guitar. Adam Day handled all the vocal work for the jingle.

If you can't wait until Monday to hear the jingle on the radio you can download the rather large files below and have a listen right now! Theme (60 second version, .wav file)
Right Click and Choose 'Save As' Theme (30 second version, .wav file)
Right Click and Choose 'Save As'

From left to right: Mike Parker, Alex Perialas, Jim Sinicropi and Adam Day in the control room at Pyramid Studios after final mix-down of the new FL1 jingle.


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