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Weatherization Program Application

Contact your local Seneca County Weatherization service provider listed below:

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Waterloo, NY 13165
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Seneca County
Weatherization Program

Weatherization Services reduces the amount of energy required to heat homes and provide hot water. The majority of homes in New York State were built when energy was relatively inexpensive. These homes are significantly more costly to heat than a newer energy-efficient home.


If your household is income qualified, or receives assistance, your home may be qualified for Weatherization services at no cost to you.

What services are included?

– Replace inefficient or unsafe heating appliances as appropriate.

– Air seal the home to reduce drafts and the loss of heated air.

– Add insulation to attics and insulate sidewall where possible and needed.

– Perform Health and Safety inspections and take the corrective action as required.

– Install electric reduction items such as Led Lighting.

Save Energy Dollars

Increases Comfort
in Your Home

Reduces Your Dependence On Foreign Oil

Preserve Our
Housing Stock

Provide Jobs and
Job Training

Revitalize Neighborhoods

Gain Safe,
Affordable Housing

More information is available on the Seneca County Website here