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Geneva Man Wins 2004 Carp Derby
35 Pound Lunker Takes $500 First Prize at 23rd Annual Finger Lakes Carp Derby Exclusive from Greg Cotterill
June 13, 2004 Front Page

Top Carp:
1st Place- Frank Elscott of Geneva- 35.28 pounds
2nd-Mike Osterhout- 32.69
3rd -Tim Dow - 31.19
4th- Todd Weaver -31.14
5th - Kevin Jones - 30.09
6th- Isabelle Jensen- 29.76
7th- Joe Durnin III- 29.32
8th- Joe Durnin Jr.- 29.01

Smallest Carp- 12 year old Daniel Jonyeau of Red Creek (pictured below) with an 11/100th of a pound "lunker" which is a Deby Record!

Frank Elscott and his daughters Amanda and Courtney (pictured right) show off their winning fish which tipped the scales at 35.28 pounds. Frank caught the big one fishing from shore on the west side of Seneca Lake near Dresden.

First prize was worth $500. This year 836 fish were caught. Front Page Local Network

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